2020 Black Lives Matter

Under no circumstance do I ever condone violence, looting, burning or any kind of destruction whatsoever. My thoughts however wonder if those taking to the streets at night are so sick and tired of being walked over are asking the question ‘how many peaceful protests does it take’

In 1992 riots erupted after witnessing Rodney King being beaten by law enforcement. 28 years later we're witnessing the same violence escalate into killing at point blank range. Every day of every month for those 28 years stories of injustice have surfaced, whether verbally or via social media.

We all see the same images that day after day yet nothing changes.

Images of:

A black man being shot in his car because he told law enforcement he has a license to carry a firearm and has one on him.

A 15 year old girl standing at a bus stop having police K9's set on her because they feel this tiny girl fits the description of a grown man who just robbed a store.

A young brother at his grandparents home sitting in the yard after midnight on his phone being shot dead by law enforcement because they thought his phone was a gun. The man running from a police officer in a park who was cold blooded shot in the back by a police officer who then convincingly lied saying the dead man tried to grab his gun, not realizing it was all caught on video.

We cannot forget 12 year old Tamir Rice executed by police while playing with his toy gun.

Remember a man in Walmart buying a toy gun for his son being shot dead because someone thought he had a gun.

Being told a man in New York placed into a choke hold and dying in the choke hold was not killed by unnecessary force.

Reminded of the 16 year old girl in a bikini who was pounced upon by police who broke up a pool party, watching helplessly as an officer twice the size of a child beating, punching and sitting on top of her,

Watching a school girl being dragged down flights of stairs and again listening to the lies that she attacked them while the school cameras show a completely different story.

Peaceful protests have taken place year after year and America says we understand nothing changes and the hatred continues.

Colin Kaepernick peacefully protested and was called every disgusting name that comes to mind, in fact the nations leader refereed to anyone taking a knee as sons of bitches and told other football managers to fire anyone else who takes a knee.

The nations leader has made it clear, law enforcement must push back even harder,

I could continue with the acts of brutality by Law Enforcement, however this would be unfair to the thousands of police officers who do not look at every black man as a criminal. This would be unfair to the majority of Law Enforcement officers who despise racism, The majority of the men and woman in blue do an excellent job of keeping our streets safe an none of us could live without them.

I for one believe in protests, I believe nonviolent protests are the legal pathways for people of this country to show concern and to voice a dislike and to collectively raise a hope for change. [Riot: Official meaning an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid]

There is no reason for breaking into the local stores, looting, burning, rioting or any kind of destruction but now you understand why I wonder if those taking to the streets at night are so sick and tired of being walked over and are now asking the question ‘how many peaceful protests does it take’

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