Meet The Team

Ever wonder what the faces behind your favorite radio shows look like? This is your chance to get to know the amazing talent behind your favorite programs. Whether you’d like to get to know all of us or you want to talk to someone in particular, please read our bios and find out why we’re the greatest radio crew you’ll ever meet.

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Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday 8:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM (EST)

Sheryl Underwood

This weeknight 2-hour show covers politics, sports, social media, life and so much more. We cannot get enough, and we know you’ll feel the same way.
This is another one of our oldest and most popular shows on our station. TV/Radio Host and Community Activist Sheryl Underwood along with her extremely quick witted, yet very knowledgeable crew are amplifying the voice of urban radio. While celebrating over 500 radio affiliates of which CAB Muzik Radio is proud to be one, this show speaks to the issues and interest of the Urban (18-34) and Urban Adult Contemporary (25-54) listener. Sheryl Underwood Radio is relevant, tackling the hot topics of the day in a snappy, engaging, informative format.
There is always something new to discover when you decide to listen to Sheryl Underwood on CAB Muzik Radio


Saturday 10 :00 AM  & Thursday Midday (EST)

Brett Costello

This show is the perfect opportunity for listeners to discover the superior talent of so many independent artists. Whether you are into R&B or Reggae music listeners with enjoy original, high-quality content every single week.
Tune in and discover why our listeners refuse to miss
The Urban Meltdown.

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Saturday Midday (EST)

Reggie Smith

This is one of the oldest and most popular shows on our station. Tune in to discover new hits and remember the old as Reggie seamlessly mixes Classic RnB and Hip~Hop hit after hit all while using his unique brand of 
fun, entertainment, and sheer skill of the decks.

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Sunday 6:00 PM Monday 10:00 PM  (EST)


This show is the perfect opportunity for listeners to wind down and get ready a real understanding of healing music. Whether you are into music or talk shows, Jah Works provides listeners with an opportunity to enjoy original, high-quality content every single week. Tune in and discover why our roots listeners refuse to miss Jah Works.


Monday 2:00 PM & Friday 8:00 PM & Saturday 8:00 PM (Shows EST)

DJ Ayana

Featuring music from around the globe, DJ Ayana eases you through track after track, beat after beat of African, Caribbean, Brazilian and so many more great sounds from every corner of this world. 2 one-hour shows run back to back simply because the show is great, Tune in Friday 8 PM and be prepared to stay

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Wednesday 2:00 PM & Saturday 2:00 PM (All Shows EST)

DJ CrossFire

Life seems wildly exciting when More Fire comes on. The pulsating up-tempo Reggae Dancehall vibes created by DJ Cross Fire will keep you coming back for more. Tune in every Saturday at 2 PM EST sharp and enjoy the energy here on CAB Muzik Radio.
Listen to dub plates, learn about the artists, discover why this wildly popular show keeps listeners around the world engaged and always coming back for more.


Friday 12:00 AM (EST)

DJ Automix

Can't Sleep?
Wanna Dance?
DJ Automix presents the Late Night EDM show perfectly setting the pace for the pre-weekend party. Tune in every Thursday at Midnight and enjoy a different style of mixing as British based DJ Automix walks center stage.
CAB Muzik Radio.


Thursday 6:00 PM & Friday 12:00 Midday & Sunday 12:00 AM (All Shows EST)

Cabzy B

We cannot get enough, and we know you will feel the same way. This is one of the oldest and most popular shows on our station. Tune in to discover new hits and enjoy the classics R&B, Reggae and Soca. Whether it’s a new fun fact by our hosts or a one-hit wonder, there’s always something new to discover when you tune into the CabzyB Party Show.

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Sunday 5:00 AM (EST)

Peter Slavid

Peter plays cutting edge modern jazz from across Europe and the UK.

Some of the music will be funky, some melodic, and some difficult, but it will always be interesting and a bit different.

​Peter is always active on facebook – please get in touch:

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Tuesday 2:00 PM & Sunday 08:00 AM (All shows EST)

Clive Brady

This supremely funky show featured on CAB Muzik Radio every week showcases the best in 70s and 80s Jazz Funk.

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Saturday 6:00 PM & Tuesday 12:00 Midday (All Shows EST)

Nick Power

Producing & remixing under various pseudonyms since the early 1990’s, owning his own very successful nightclub in Ayia Napa, Cyprus called the Kool Club, (now called The Castle Club), Playing at some of the best clubs around the world Nick Power presents an uplifting soulful house music show with breathtaking mixes of classic and today's latest hits. This show will keep you coming back for more. Look no further than CAB Muzik Radio.

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Wednesday 2:00 PM & Sunday 4:00 PM (EST)

DJ Zanj Rracc

This show is the perfect opportunity for listeners to wind down and experience some of the finest music Jamaica has created. DJ Zanj Rracc, born in Lyssons Jamaica, has been edified with such musical knowledge, he has earned the lyssons to play these classic gems for CAB Muzik Radio. Rocking the airwaves with gems by 'The Congo's, Dennis Brown, Bunny Wailer and so much more, get ready to ring in a totally new experience Wednesday afternoons here on CAB Muzik Radio.

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Thursday 2:00 PM & Sunday 10:00 AM (All Shows EST)

Sanguine Fromage

Great Funk, Soul, and Jazz: UpFront Soul with Sanguine Fromage. contains 120         minutes of soulful sounds to which you may get down Awesome vibes and               (Of Course) awesome music.  

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Monday 12:00 Midday & 10:00 PM (EST)


Featuring Reggae from around the globe
DJAY Steve knows and loves British Reggae
This is a classic show full of humor
great vibes and awesome music.  

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Thursday 10:00 PM (EST)

A once in a lifetime weekly show full of fun but the topics can get a little real at tine


Staurday 2 ~ 4 PM

New Jack Radio

DJ Kaz presents a unique show playing classic hits of the late 80’s and early 90’s R&B, Hip-Hop from the “NEW JACK SWING”