Monday 10:00 PM & Sunday 6:00 PM

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D~RO & Ras E

D-RO, Ras E and friends bring healing tones to the world each week through word, sound and power in their radio show and podcast, Jah Works Radio. 

Reggae music is the order of the day and each show is a celebration of love and light!


Inspired by music, nature and Creation itself, D-RO and Ras E have been working together now for almost 15 years developing the ever-evolving format of which is Jah Works Radio. 

Many shows feature interviews, ranging from the greats of reggae music to up-and-coming artists, youths from around the world and even metaphysicians - anyone doing Jah Works! 

This is truly a family affair and all are welcome and apprecialoved for who you truly are - beautiful and limitless beings! 

The crew gives thanks for everyone tuning in and being a part of this vibration! 


Comments, questions and requests can be sent to  
One perfect love